#TankaTuesday #Poetry Stars No. 243 | Synonyms Only: “Family & Peace”

Welcome to our weekly poetry stars' celebration. Many thanks to Ruth Klein's Scribbles for choosing the words this week. This week’s challenge was to choose synonyms for the words, “family & peace,” using one of these forms: haiku, senryu, haiga, tanka, gogyohka, haibun, tanka prose, renga, solo renga, chōka, cinquain, and its variations, Etheree, nonet, shadorma, Badger… Continue reading #TankaTuesday #Poetry Stars No. 243 | Synonyms Only: “Family & Peace”

#TankaTuesday Weekly #Poetry Challenge No. 243, #SynonymsOnly

WELCOME TO TANKA TUESDAY! Are you ready to choose some syllables to use in your syllabic poetry this week? Ruth, from RuthKlein's Scribbles, selected your two words: Family & Peace On the Monday recap, I'll select someone to choose next month's theme. For this poetry challenge, you can write your poem in the forms defined… Continue reading #TankaTuesday Weekly #Poetry Challenge No. 243, #SynonymsOnly

Breathing life into your characters

I’ve been thinking a lot about role models and how they influence a writer’s work; the ways this translates to our readers. There’s a reason writers become invested in their characters, why they often refer to them as real; a living, breathing part of the world as they know it. They have a history, complex… Continue reading Breathing life into your characters

Sheer Bliss

Today, Photography 101 asks that we publish an image that represents bliss to us. Whatever moment I am in - is sheer bliss. Maybe I am at home, or possibly playing in the paradise I call home. My ecstasy is surely filled with pure delight. Spending time with my family – husband, kids, grand-kids, and… Continue reading Sheer Bliss