Poetry Challenge Submission RULES

There’s been some confusion about the Poetry Challenge submission requirements. Please read the challenge post. To clear things up, I’ve explained the procedure below:

After you have written your poem and published it on your blog, please submit your poem and information on the submission form on the challenge post. I will also need the Https:// address link to your poem.

The form generates an email to me. Your submission allows me to cut and paste your poem and information from the email into the weekly recap, and then into the PDF Poet of the Week collection that you will be able to grab for free in 2020.

I’m limited in what I can change on the form, so I’ve included a key, so you understand the titles. This is what you’ll see on the Tanka Tuesday Challenge posts:

By participating in this challenge, you agree to allow me to publish your poem in a 2019 PDF collection of poetry if you are selected as the Poet of the Week. This collection will be available in January 2020 as a free download from my site.

PLEASE do NOT submit your information on this post. Go to my challenge post which I published this morning. ❤

If you don’t see your poem on the Recap, I didn’t get an email from you which means you didn’t submit it to the form on the challenge post. ❤

You can copy or save the above image to your desktop as your cheat sheet on what to submit for the challenge. I hope this helps.

I can’t change the titles on the submission form. WordPress won’t let me edit the form. ❤

We’ve gotten rave compliments on our poetry on the recap. This procedure is so easy for me to compile the post. I love showing off your poetry! ❤

16 thoughts on “Poetry Challenge Submission RULES”

  1. Colleen, I think that the use of the word NAME, twice is what is confusing, because the word EMAIL is there and says REQUIRED, so people aren’t seeing the word NAME twice and if EMAIL is required… this is what tripped me up this morning.

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          1. So basically what you are saying, is that we still have to submit our email, but where the NAME goes, we add the other stuff as well? If so, then I would add the instruction that we DO leave our email there and add the title stuff after our names… Did I figure it out?

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          2. I have no need of your email at all. That is why I asked for you to put the title of your poem, and the kind of poem you’ve written. ❤ I can't change the titles on this WP form. That is the problem. That's why I did the "key" so everyone would know what I needed.


  2. I must have missed the second “name” field. I saw the first, and then the “email” and all other fields, but for some reason the second “name” field, where you enter the title of poem, well… I looked but just didn’t see it for some odd reason. Anyway, like you say, with a little practice we’ll be fine! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  3. Sorry:I do not really understand why you excluded my poem from your contest. As I interpreted as a serious musician. I write my poetry with form and meter in mind similarly to when I interpreted my playing of a song.


    1. In my challenge I only accept these forms: #Haiku, #Tanka, #micropoetry, #poetry, #5lines, #Haibun, #Prose #Senryu, #CinquainPoetry, #Etheree, #Nonet, #Shadorma. Thanks. This is syllabic poetry. Not free form. I’m sure you can find another challenge somewhere to participate in.


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